Bloom Season 2016

Bearded Species

Weather in early March was unseasonably warm. The first Iris pumila to bloom this year was 'Sudden Butterflies', which opened on March 15. The following week saw Hildebrandt seedling from SIGNA 04A004, P018-02 (taurica ex Caucasus), and my seedling P011-02 ("clausii" X aequiloba). The final week of March was colder and wetter, slowing things down a bit. Nevertheless, 'Sudden Butterflies' and P018-02 continued, joined by Armenian pumilas P002-14 and P002-01 and the yellow taurica from Wrightman Alpines. On April 1, T009-03 bloomed, greeted by rain and freezing weather. This is purportedly I. reichenbachii, but its characteristics seem to match Iris suaveolens instead. April 3 brought a second bloom on this one, along with 'Royal Wonder' and T013-01, a nice I. reichenbachii from Archibald seed. 'Wild Whispers' and 'Little Drummer Boy'. On April 10, my aphylla X pumila seedling bloomed, showing less of a reddish spot than last year. April 11 brought bloom on I. reichenbachii from Odyssey Bulbs and another of the T009 I. reichenbachii (or suaveolens) seedlings. I. aphylla fieberi bloomed the following week.

'Sudden Butterflies'
(Jensen, R. 2010)

Hildebrandt seedling from SIGNA 04A004

I. pumila taurica ex Caucasus

I. pumila "clausii" X I. pumila aequiloba
I. pumila ex Armenia
I. reichenbachii (or suaveolens?)
'Royal Wonder'
(Coleman, 2013)
'Wild Whispers'
(Coleman, 2012)
'Little Drummer Boy'
(Willott, 1997)
I. pumila ex Armenia
Iris pumila taurica
I. aphylla X I. pumila
Iris sp. aff. reichenbachii ex Vardar Gorge, Macedonia
I. reichenbachii (or suaveolens?)
I. reichenbachii

I. reichenbachii

Dwarf and Median Cultivars

I had a little surprise on April 8, when 'Alpine Lake' bloomed. I believed I had removed it a couple years ago. 'Abuzz with Charm' launched SDB season on April 9. 'Wine Dark Sea', a SPEC-X hybrid from the Vardar Gorge plant X I. aphylla, bloomed on the 18th.

MDB 'Alpine Lake'
(Willott, 1980)

SDB 'Abuzz with Charm'
(Coleman, 2013)

SPEC-X 'Wine Dark Sea'
(Baumunk, 2014)


Arilbred dwarf 'Loudmouth' was the first arilbred to bloom, opening on April 15. My own ABD seedling BP002-01 was next on April 19, with siblings BP002-02 and BP002-03 following on April 23 and April 24, respectively.

ABD 'Loudmouth'
(Rich, 1970)




Aril season began in a big way during the third week of April. A somewhat bedraggled I. acutiloba lineolata bloomed on April 16, followed by two forms of I. hoogiana and tetraploid arils 'Tadzhiki Bandit', 'Tadzhiki Eclipse', 'Werckmeister's Beauty', and 'Dunshanbe' all blooming April 18 or 19. The classic regeliocyclus hybrid 'Orion' opened a the same time. Three stolonifera selections bloomed the following week: 'Chocolate', 'Merlin's Magic', and 'Network'.

I. hoogiana purpurea

I. hoogiana 'Deep Purple'

'Tadzhiki Bandit'
(Ransom, 1997)

'Tadzhiki Eclipse'
(Ransom, 1997)
'Werckmeister's Beauty'
(Werckmeister by McAllister, 1992)
(Wilkes, 1977)
(Van Tubergen, NR)
I. acutiloba lineolata
I. stolonifera 'Chocolate'

I. stolonifera 'Merlin's Magic'
(Jensen, 1986)


 Tom Waters

March 2017

updated April 2017



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