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Stepping through the Door

The key to collaborative creation is to understand that you are neither victim nor tyrant, neither at the mercy of cosmic fate, nor able to direct everything to suit your personal whims. The way I think of it is this: there is, within each of us, a part of our personal will that is aligned with the natural growth and unfolding of the universe. We are part of things, after all, so we can never be truly isolated. We can be confused, misinformed, distracted, or fearful, but we still remain organically bound to the whole, like aspen saplings rising out of the great subterranean network of roots that is the source of their life.

It is possible, with practice, to sense when your goals and intentions flow along the streamlines of the universe, and when they have become distorted or confused. When you find the grain, then your personal will is able to create a new reality, and your potential to manifest change becomes vast.

The Cosmos Within

As a symbol for collaborative creation, I draw upon the ancient idea of macrocosm (the external universe) and microcosm (the universe within each of us). The illustration on the first page gives a modern rendition of the parallel and connection between the two. Each of us has a vision of the world, tinted by the particular qualities of personality and experience that we each embody. As collaborative creators, we offer these visions to others, where they become part of a living, changing system. Each new vision, each new voice, adds to the reality we all in turn experience.

There are no guarantees in this process; the universe does not assure anyone of health, wealth, power, love, or happiness. In fact, as collaborative creators, it is possible to create pathological realities, in which fear, greed, and lust for power feed off one another and grow stronger. When all those around you are caught up in such a reality, your own capacity to redirect things - without breaking off from them completely - can feel very much constrained.

Even in the most unpleasant situations, however, each of us has something to contribute to the collaboration. We can identify unhealthy realities, and become conscious of how we contribute to them. And, becoming conscious in this way, we then have the opportunity to substitute something better when we give our vision to the world.

The inner and outer universes are not identical, but they are connected, and they run along similar courses. One cannot exist without the other. As Mahatma Gandhi said, You must be the change you want to see in the world.

The Sun

Our astrological arcehtype for the creative power in each of us is the Sun. The Sun is the embodiment of one's true will, the identity and purpose of each life. It illuminates the world, and allows us to see clearly.

People are so familiar with the Sun-sign astrology of tabloid newspapers that it has become commonplace to assume that a person's Sun sign represents their expressed personality. This is often not the case. The Sun represents one's mission, the goal of one's personal journey. It may take many years for some of us to grow into our Sun sign and its implications for us.

The Sun, representing the conscious self, symbolizing the need for us to become conscious of our choices. If we hope to reshape our own reality, we must begin with understanding and reshaping ourselves on every level we can reach. This is not an easy task, as it requires shining light into dark places.

Although the Sun represents the ego, the conscious self, it is not ego in the competitive or grasping sense (these qualities are representing more in Mars and Venus). Rather, the Solar ego is one of objectivity, self-ownership, and self-confidence. It does not seek power over others, but rather the centered peace of being comfortable in one's own self.


Here are some ways to embrace your role as a collaborative creator.

  1. Set a clear intention for every day, or for every activity you undertake.
  2. If you do not understand why something has happened, ask if it manifested some subconscious need.
  3. Identify times when you felt perfectly comfortable in your own life, doing something that felt entirely natural to you.
  4. Identify a change you desire in your life. Visualize yourself after that change.
  5. Visualize the person you will become.
  6. What gifts do you have that go unused?
  7. Think of each day as a work of art. Make a day you can sign your name to.

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