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"Pagan" Astrology?

My approach to astrology differs a bit from the norm. The roots of western astrology are in the ancient pagan cultures of Sumer, Egypt, and Greece. These peoples had no telescopes or computers. They related to the stars and planets through their senses—by watching the sky at night and taking in the impressions those experiences left them with. For them, the planets were living gods and goddesses; their motions in the sky revealed their moods, relationships, and intentions.

The first thing you may notice about my astrological charts and writings is the absence of the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto) and the asteroids (Ceres, Pallas, Vesta, etc.) These bodies were unknown to our ancestors, and cannot be seen in the night sky without a telescope. Astrology was practiced for more than 2000 years without them. When they were added to the practice of astrology, the conceptual system of the discipline was changed to accommodate them (signs that had once been ruled by Saturn, Uranus, and Mars were given over to Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, for example). Both the old system and the new one work. I prefer the older system, because its concepts carry (for me) the vitality of cultures for whom the sky was alive and tangible.

Being a Pagan, I also tend to see the planetary deities in rather more personal terms than many do. Rather than being abstract psychological concepts, they are gods and goddesses with personalities who work with us and through us to make change in the world. You'll often find me speaking of planets as "he" or "she" rather than "it", and using memorable anthropomorphic images to describe what they are up to.

I hope you enjoy this uncomplicated, earthy approach to astrology. I find it often demystifies the disicipline, and makes the core messages easier to see.

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