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Thank you for visiting my website. On this page, you will learn a few things about who I am and what I do. Starweaver is my magical name; in my mundane life, I am Tom Waters, a health physicist at Los Alamos National Laboratory. I was born in 1961 in Fremont, California, under a Scorpio Sun and an Aquarius Moon. I am husband to animal communicator Karen Taylor Waters (you are invited to visit her website and father to a delightful twelve-year old girl named Anne-Marie. We live with our cat Abbey between mingling streams in beautiful Tesuque, New Mexico.

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Priest of the Goddess

I follow a Pagan spiritual path, drawing my spiritual sustenance from the forms and cycles of the natural world. I honor the divine spirit in many forms, but it is the Goddess in her varied aspects who has been my greatest teacher and guide. I was initiated into her priesthood in 2002, and honor my commitment to her through sharing and service.

As a faculty member of Ardantane, I offer weekend workshops in ritual, divination, magic, and related topics. See the listing of Upcoming Events on this site. Ardantane also offers certificate programs in Magic and Witchcraft. Please email me if you are interested in entering a program of study in these areas.

I am available to perform handfastings, child dedications, requiems, coming-of-age ceremonies, and other rites of passage. I also provide spiritual counseling and mentoring services.

For more information, see my Services page.


Diviner of Fortunes

I have a longstanding love affair with the arts of divination, which allow us to view life through the lens of symbols and come into tune with the subtle energies and cycles that make the music of our lives.

Tarot was one of my first spiritual practices, and remains a central passion for me. I am co-author (with Mary K. Greer) of Understanding the Tarot Court, published by Llewellyn. I use a wide range of decks, from antique to contemporary. My tarot reading style is very interactive and conversational. I work together with a client to interpret the meanings of the cards and find positive approaches to work through the issues they represent.

I became interested in astrology in 2002, and have studied both its modern practice and its history. I practice astrology in a way that honors the pagan roots of the discipline, in which the seven planets visible in our skies were seen as gods and goddesses involved in the changing realities of our lives. I like to describe astrological insights with down-to-earth, memorable images, rather than abstract language.

Like many people, I first encountered runes in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit. They have fascinated me ever since, first as a writing system and later as a magical system. The runes are probably the most potent set of symbols used for divination, since they are also used for active magic. A runic reading is less nuanced than a tarot or astrological one, but is ideal tool for taking charge and shifting one's personal energy.

For more information, see my Services page.


Graver of Images

Artwork has always been one of my main creative outlets. The images I create usually express something about my spiritual interests or imaginative vision. I don't sell my work; it's just about the joy of creating something. I dabble in various media and formats, although in recent years most of my art has been in the form of Artist Trading Cards (ATCs), 2.5 x 3.5 inch miniatures for trade. One of my favorite media is soft-block carving. (Think of it as a cross between woodblocks and rubber stamps.) You can see a sampling of my work in the Art Gallery on this site.

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