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This column provides a look at the astrological energies that are present for the Full Moon and Dark Moon times in the months ahead. The descriptions are geared toward use in a Pagan ritual practice, in particular one in which the Dark Moon is used as a time for meditation or divination, and the Full Moon is used for active magic (creating change). With this in mind, I have suggested a best evening for ritual, which may be the evening before or the evening following the exact time of the Moon phase. These suggestions are based on the Moon being in the appropriate sign, but with a preference given to times before the actual event, rather than after.

Astrologically, the Moon represents our subconscious awareness, while the Sun represents our conscious thoughts.

During a Dark Moon, the two are conjunct, together in the same place in the sky, and functioning as a single unit. Many people find divination especially effective at this time, since it is easy to bring the subconscious realities or invisible energies into the light of conscious understanding.

During a Full Moon, on the other hand, the Sun and Moon are opposite one another in the sky, emphasizing their male/female polarity and their contrasting natures. This is also the time of the Moon's greatest brightness and power. The Full Moon is considered by many to be the best time for active magic, since it expressed the full power of the energy of opposites, like the electrical energy between the poles of a battery, or the erotic energy between Goddess and God. The energetic tension between the two is released in the act of creating something new.

For each Moon, a set of questions or affirmations are given. Feel free to focus on one or several of these, or use them to inspire your own plans.

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