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The Full Moons during this season occur very close the beginning of the sign they are in, so having ritual even a few hours before the actual time will put the Moon in the previous sign. In other respects, this is a generally helpful timing, since both the Moon and Sun are freshly entered into their signs, making their energies direct and strong.


Dark Moon in Scorpio, November 9, 4:03 pm

Best evening for ritual: either November 8 (Thursday) or November 9 (Friday)

Theme: Probing the Depths

None of the other planets are in aspect with one another at this time, so the energy of this Moon is dominated by the Moon and Sun themselves. Being together in Scorpio, they want to get to the bottom of things, both conscious and subconscious. If you practice divination on this night, your questions should be directed inward, and be as penetrating as you can make them. This is a time to dig down to the secret roots of your fears, failings, and motives. Be suspicious of yourself, and don't accept easy answers.

Questions for this Moon:

What is my darkest secret?

What am I afraid to do?

What am I afraid to be?

What lies do I tell myself?


Full Moon in Gemini, November 24, 7:30 am

Best evening for ritual: November 24 (Saturday)

Theme: Creating Fresh Choices

The energetic tension of the Gemini-Sagittarius axis is that between debate and discovery, between seeing both sides and embracing a truth. The interplay between these poles can give birth to a brand new perspective, revealing a choice or option you didn't know you had. You may want to use this to break a stalemate in a relationship, since Venus in Libra will keep things humming along between yourself and a lover or friend as you reinvent your options.

Affirmations for this Moon:

There's always something I haven't thought of yet.

Differences are stimulating.

Conversation creates opportunity.

Consider the possibilities.


Dark Moon in Sagittarius, December 9, 10:40 am

Best evening for ritual: December 8 (Saturday)

Theme: Seeking Your Truth

The truth is out there. Cultural roots, a faith, a belief system: these things give us perspective on the large realities of life. Finding your truth can sometimes seem like a quest for the Holy Grail: an exhilarating journey with an elusive goal. This moon invites you to focus on your beliefs and how they shape your life. Whether you are content with your worldview or are a seeker, you can come into deeper appreciation of the power of beliefs and your shifting relationship with them.

Questions for this Moon:

What is my purpose?

What are my deepest convictions?

How do I live what I believe?

How do I speak my truth?


Full Moon in Cancer, December 23, 6:16 pm

Best evening for ritual: December 23 (Sunday)

Theme: Protecting the Nest

This is an extremely powerful Moon, less than two days after the winter solstice, with the Sun conjunct Jupiter and Mercury, and the Moon conjunct Mars. The basic energetic tension at work is between living in the protective shell of home and family, or competing for success is the wider world. There is an opportunity now to do both, by rising to the defense of what you love and protecting the security of others. This is an excellent time to affirm the integrity of home and family for the coming year, or to work to defend those who are vulnerable.

Affirmations for this Moon:

I am the protector.

Creating safety is a noble achievement.

Strengthen that which is close.

Shelter the weak.


Dark Moon in Capricorn, January 8, 4:37 am

Best evening for ritual: January 7 (Monday)

Theme: Building a Tower

Although there are no close aspects this Moon, the Sun and Moon are joined by Jupiter in Sagittarius, with Mercury on the Sagittarius/Aquarius cusp. Jupiter is coming into trine with Saturn in Virgo, so there is a lot of constructive energy available for Capricornian projects, such as establishing a business, building reputation, or securing new resources. If you do divination this night, direct your questions toward pragmatic matters, and don't be afraid to look at financial or pragmatic issues directly.

Questions for this Moon:

What foundations should I build on?

How do I earn esteem?

What is the key to prosperity?

What is the next step?


Full Moon in Leo, January 22, 6:35 am

Best evening for ritual: January 22 (Tuesday)

Theme: Creating Your Aura

This Moon sees the Jupiter-Saturn trine near peak intensity, with Mars approaching trine with Mercury and retreating from opposition with Venus. The energetic tension of the Leo-Aquarius axis is that between self-esteem and self-sacrifice, between receiving attention and devoting oneself to a larger cause. This is an energetic and stimulating Moon, with lots of opportunities for launching projects with real staying power. The key is to understand how your personal presence and generosity toward others can contribute to the good of all.

Affirmations for this Moon:

I am an example to others.

My presence stimulates and inspires.

I am master of my own energies.

I make things happen.

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