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The Full Moons during this season occur very close the beginning of the sign they are in, so having ritual even a few hours before the actual time will put the Moon in the previous sign. In other respects, this is a generally helpful timing, since both the Moon and Sun are freshly entered into their signs, making their energies direct and strong.


Dark Moon in Aquarius, February 6, 8:44 pm

Best evening for ritual: Feburary 6 (Wednesday)

Theme: Internalizing Your Ideals

The Moon and Sun are tightly conjunct with a retrograde Mercury on this Dark Moon night. It is time for regaining contact with your sense of personal calling and the values and ideals that shape your relationship with the world. Turn these questions inward, and focus more on your gut feelings than on articulating a philosophy. This Moon falls very close to Imbolc, which is a traditional time for dedications (and re-dedications) to your deity or chosen spiritual path.

Questions for this Moon:

What do I believe in?

What cause is my soul drawn to?

Am I on the right path?

How do I model and share what matters most?


Full Moon in Virgo, February 20, 8:30 pm

Best evening for ritual: February 20 (Wednesday)

Theme: Building a Foundation for Accomplishment

The Moon is nearly conjunct with Saturn at this time, and Mercury and Venus are approaching a celestial rendezvous in the pre-dawn sky. This is a key moment in the dance between dreamy idealism and pragmatic dedication to a concrete plan. The two are not contradictory options, but complementary energies, like two sides of the same coin. Enjoy the inspirations and the play of ideas that come into your life at this time, but also learn to take satisfaction in using your time productively and putting one foot in front of the other.

Affirmations for this Moon:

What I do today helps create my future.

Work well, and play with a clear heart.

I shape each day with care and craftsmanship.

One piece at a time.


Dark Moon in Pisces, March 7, 10:14 am

Best evening for ritual: March 6 (Thursday)

Theme: Knowing Your Place in the Larger Pattern

The Moon and Sun in Pisces are in close sextile with Jupiter in Capricorn, and Mercury and Venus continue through Aquarius, hand in hand. This is a time with meditation and quietly moving into your heart center will bring rich rewards. Private deepening will usher in public broadening. Listen to your fantasies, to the whisperings of truth in your inner ear, and greet the world with an inward smile and a steady confidence. Somewhere in the process, you will learn something new about how you belong in this world.

Questions for this Moon:

How do I experience connection?

Am I immersed in life, or just looking on?

How do I honor my vision?

How does my vision honor me?


Full Moon in Libra, March 21, 12:40 pm

Best evening for ritual: March 21 (Friday)

Theme: Harmony Blossoms

Coming right on the heels of the Spring Equinox (Ostara), this Full Moon is brimming with the energy of the awakening Earth and words of love, peace, and union. Mercury and Venus are now tightly conjoined in Pisces, lending a dreamy patina to this otherwise vibrant and expansive season. The energy of this Moon is one of ease in relationships and the power of deep connections. Let your own essence shine out, and harmony with others will flow naturally through you.

Affirmations for this Moon:

I love this world.

Share moments, share dreams.

The Goddess is awake, between us and around us.

Seek to understand, and you will be understood.


Dark Moon in Aries, April 5, 9:55 pm

Best evening for ritual: April 5 (Saturday)

Theme: Walking Forward When Tugged from Both Sides

This Moon brings new tensions and challenges. Venus and Mercury are separating, bringing unexpected dissonance between heart and mind for the first time this spring. The sense of personal identity is disrupted by competitive stirrings at home and career opportunities that feel ambivalent or diverting. You may feel like five different people tied together by strings that are fraying. The coming together of Moon and Sun tonight provides an opportunity to recenter, refocus, and consolidate your personal agenda.

Questions for this Moon:

What is my mission right now?

How do I remind myself of it?

How can I cut through conflict and confusion?

How do I affirm my own choices?


Full Moon in Scorpio, April 20, 4:25 am

Best evening for ritual: April 19 (Saturday) or April 20 (Sunday)

Theme: Drawing from Your Well of Power

The Sun, Moon, and Saturn are intensely connected at this time, each seeking some key to stability and power. The Moon is looking for security in emotional depth, while the Sun seeks it in the physical environment. Saturn aids them both as an organizer and by bestowing a sense of seriousness on all our needs at this time. The situation is complicated by a Mars-Jupiter opposition, as public life and domestic life seem to play off against one another in ways that are sometimes stimulating, sometimes draining. Find your own source of strength and stability and use it to stabilize your environment and organize your time

Affirmations for this Moon:

I am rooted in the Earth.

I know my own heart.

Power flows in my body, and from my body.

What I create endures.


Dark Moon in Taurus, May 5, 5:17 am

Best evening for ritual: May 4 (Sunday)

Theme: Listening to your Body

This is an especially magical Dark Moon, coinciding almost perfectly with astrological Beltane. Mercury is in rulership in Gemeni at this time, adding some verbal energy to what is otherwise a very physical, sensual atmosphere. Use this Moon to question your relationship with your own body: sex, diet, health, comfort. Pay attention to yourself. Notice the processes we usually take for granted: breathing, digestion, posture and motion. Use the Mercury energy to translate those internal bodily feelings into wisdom you can articulate and share.

Questions for this Moon:

What gives me physical pleasure?

What does my body remember that my mind has forgotten?

What does my body know that my mind needs to learn?

How do I stay aware of my bodily experience?


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