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Sun God. Blockprint.

Imbolc. Blockprint.

Spirit of Water Colored pencil and Photoshop.

Lughnassad. Blockprint and ink washes.

Litha. Blockprint and ink washes.

Triple Goddess. Blockprints, ink, Photoshop.

Satyr. Markers.

Beltane. Blockprint and watercolor.

Ostara. Blockprint and watercolor.

Imbolc. Blockprint and watercolor.

Yule. Blockprint and watercolor.

Merfolk Wizards. Photoshop.

Artemis. Colored pencil and markers.

Hermes. Colored pencil and markers.

Samhain. Blockprint and ink washes.

The Wheel of the Year. Colored pencil and pastel.

The Circle. Photoshop.

Green Man (self portrait). Photography, colored penci, and Photoshop.

Odin. Colored pencil, minor Photoshop adjustments.

Litha (summer solstice), blockprint.

Mabon, blockprint and watercolor.

The Moon, blockprint.

World Tree. Colored pencil and pastel.

Labyrinth. Ink, Photoshop.

Pan and Syrinx. Photoshop.

Pentagram. Blockprint

Calling the Moon. Photoshop.

Calling the Sun. Photoshop.

Goddess. Blocprint.

Inanna. Blocprint.


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