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Saturn moved into Virgo on September 2 and will remain there for the next two years. He's relatively comfortable here, a capable task master teaching us how to stay organized and produce tangible results for our labors. Picture him as the chief butler for a well-to-do Victorian family, determined to keep everything running without disruption or flights of fancy. His lessons about dedication and organization may cause some upsetting times, especially for those with Sun in Pisces, Sagittarius, or Gemini, but he does have much of value to offer us in this area, if we are prepared to listen.

As October begins, Saturn finds himself with a couple allies in the cause: Mercury and Mars, both in water signs. In principle, this arrangement could help Saturn in his current mission by making his organizational lessons feel more emotionally relevant (he knows he comes across as rather dry). He needs some warm appreciation for his efforts from the lady of the house (that would be you).

Saturn looks to Mercury in Scorpio to help convince us that his goals touch on something deeply meaningful and enduring. Mercury, although normally very supportive of Virgo energies (it's his sign of rulership, after all), is now feeling rather broody - he'd rather spend late nights working on his angst-ridden novel than helping Saturn run the household on schedule. He's the confidant and sometime lover of the lady of the house, though, so he's able to put in a few words on Saturn's behalf, even though his heart's not in it. Listen for messages from him about the deeper value of working efficiently and productively during the first half of October and again in mid-November. Mercury is retrograde from October 10 to November 2, and becomes even less communicative. When he regains his senses, he finds himself in Libra, and gets a brief turn at being the helpful diplomat before returning to his Scorpio broodiness on November 12.

Saturn's other ally, Mars, is not having a good time at all. He's just moved into Cancer and finds himself working as household cook. Now for you or I, cooking and caretaking for loved ones may be an opportunity for us to experience our nurturing, sensitve side. Alas, Mars doesn't have a nurturing, sensitive side, and he is quite miserable. He wants to get out and do something physical and competitive, but he's stuck in the kitchen and very resentful. Think of the type-A executive dad having to spend a week at home with the babies. Saturn would have him demonstrate how a well-run life contributes to domestic harmony, but Mars is having almost the opposite effect, turning our little home into a hotbed of festering resentments and unexpressed hostility. What's worse, he's teaming up with Mercury to say the things he can't say himself, leading to occasional sideways criticisms or even nasty gossip. The perfectionism of Saturn in Virgo provides these two malcontents with ample raw material for fault-finding. Again, early October and mid-November are times of potentially malicious below-the-surface conflict.

A week into October, Venus joins this dysfunctional cadre, and she's not helping much either. Slogging through Virgo in a sulk, she joins Saturn as the newest member of the household staff, cleaning and decorating, but without enthusiasm. She feels like Cinderella, trapped in practical duties when she'd rather be out shopping and putting the moves on Prince Charming.

There is a bright spot at the beginning of October, though: Jupiter, the happy-go-lucky adventuring uncle, off touring the Himalayas, sends a postcard or two about his adventures, which may actually be helpful in moving us along our life path. Look for something exotic, either geographically or spiritually, to present itself early in October, and consider how to bring it out in your own life. At the end of October or early in November, a second postcard arrives, this time addressed to Venus, highlighting her ambivalence about the housekeeping duties.

In mid-November, Mercury, having come out retrograde, resumes his old habits with Mars and Saturn, made even worse by Mars going retrograde himself on the 15th.

There is a shift in energies during the last couple weeks of November. The Sun moves into Sagittarius on the 23rd, heading off to find Jupiter and join him on his spiritual excursion, and taking Mercury with him. Venus leaves her chores behind in Virgo, and moves to Scorpio, where her daydreaming becomes more intense and melodramatic. At this time, her message from Jupiter starts to make sense, and she ruminates on her options for fulfillment. The Sun and Saturn square off at this time, highlighting the apparently incompatible demands of adventure and routine. This is a theme that will continue to crop up over the next two years as Saturn works through his mission in Virgo.

During the second week of December, Venus and Mars join up and commiserate. This is reminiscent of the Mars-Mercury alliance we've been working with through October and November, but with Venus in Mercury's place, it is now much less verbal; it's emotional and even more personal. We may not even be sure what is going on, but something feels very unsettled at this time. It may manifest in sexual issues or lovers' quarrels.

At the end of December, the Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter come together for a triple conjunction just after they enter Capricorn. Jupiter's carefree days in the orient are over for now, and the three of them turn to the more practical business of building personal success, personal reputation, and finding a role in the community. Saturn is very happy to see this, as he knows his lessons will now find a more appreciative reception. Mars and Venus are still being difficult, but they are becoming less relevant now, with a new pragmatic direction in place. Mars, in fact, finds himself in opposition to the Sun/Mercury/Jupiter contingent at the end of 2007; we may feel the tug to choose between home and work, and work is the more appealing option, as long as Mars remains in charge of the kitchen.


An overarching theme for the last monts of 2007 is the value of structuring our time and activities and the impact this has on our emotional life, particularly our relationships with loved ones and family members. It may be an unsettled time emotionally, as resentment, deception, and moodiness percolate below the surface. We will naturally want to straighten these things out, but there are not many good tools available for that task at this time. It may be best to just ride things out, and not feed your own energy into them. If something really needs to be talked out, the best time is early in December.

A subplot at this time is reaping the rewards of new ideas that have buzzed into our awareness this year. You might want to take some time and review any new perspectives, spiritual inspirations, or intriguing people who have caught your attention recently, and ask yourself how they can improve your career activities or spiritual practice. Early October sheds some light on these matters, but the end of December and the beginning of January will be best for articulating it all and sorting out in pragmatic terms. The things we thought of as immediate goals this year may have been shunted aside, but it is this year's opportunities and inspirations, if well nurtured, that will bear fruit in the future.



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