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In the last episode, we left the Sun and Venus settling down and attending to domestic relationships, with Saturn providing some helpful advice on keeping the nest running smoothly. Mercury was happily glib and articulate in Gemini, and Mars was having an exciting time in Leo. Jupiter's gifts of opportunity seem to have run out for the moment, and the Sun and Venus are eyeing him suspiciously across the zodiac, feeling that their interest in hearth and home is not something he cares for.

Mars enters Virgo at the beginning of July, losing his sense of direction and power, and becoming single-mindedly focused on details. He approaches Saturn for work, and is immediately hired on. He becomes the quintessential tyrannical bureaucrat, exacting extreme penalties for the smallest of transgressions against Saturn's procedures. The two of them reinforce each others' uncompromising qualities, and only those who know the rules inside out get through the office without grief. This all reaches a crescendo in mid-July, with Mercury getting in on the act too, barging in to the cosy comfort the Sun had been enjoying, carrying Saturn's instructions from office to home.

At the end of July, the Sun finds an escape from this discomfort, striding into Leo with new confidence and eager for drama and attention. Venus is already there, having tired of her domestic duties during the second week of July, and taking up a more flamboyant approach to showing off her talents.

The last week of July and early August are relatively quiet, as the energy stirred up by Mars's new role as Saturn's henchman settles out. By mid-August, Venus and then Mercury, scouting out new territory ahead of the Sun, enter Virgo, where Saturn awaits to make use of their talents. This works out much more positively than did Mars's engagement. Mercury is able to use his extraordinary analytical gifts to refine and articulate Saturn's rules for success, and the remainder of August is a very productive time.

Venus and Mercury even reach out to Jupiter, who had seemed irrelevant or even downright contrary in July. Jupiter and Saturn begin to communicate more often, and it seems that luckier times may be ahead for all concerned.

It is also the beginning of a renewed intimacy between Mercury and Venus, even more profound than their sojourn together through Pisces early this year. Venus, who is ordinarily a bit out of place in Virgo, stays close to Mercury and benefits from his mastery of craft. She contributes an esthetic sensibility to their work with Saturn, and it seems, for a while at least, that their collaboration outshines Saturn himself and takes on a life of its own. The rules and restrictions that came across so angrily under Mars's stint, now seem eminently sensible, useful, and elegantly natural.

Mercury and Venus continue their charming pas de deux all the way through September. At the end of August, they swing into Libra together, and now Venus takes up the lead, showing Mercury all the ins and outs of keeping people happy. Mercury is a quick learner, and seems to always have the right words at hand for those delicate social situations. Venus is delighted with his devoted attention, and very happy to have left the stuffy office behind for the cocktail party, where she is fully in her element.

A lot of energy bubbles up at the beginning of September. Jupiter now returns in force as Saturn's ally, going direct on the 7th, just as he trines Saturn. His new energy is a little overwhelming, though, and the some of the office staff clears out to avoid a crowd. Venus and Mercury decided not to come back to work after the cocktail party, befriending a somewhat disgruntled Mars instead. They're an active threesome, with Mars's assertiveness and Mercury's verbosity tentatively realigned to serve Venus's people-pleasing social agenda. There are definitely two strong factions at large now: Jupiter, Saturn, and the Sun playing by the rules and working hard to create something of lasting value, while Mercury, Venus, and Mars are out partying and flirting.

By the last week of September, though, the partying threesome has split up, each going their own way: Venus plunging into an intense and solitary stint in Scorpio, Mercury turning retrograde and refusing to answer the phone, leaving Mars rather bitter and unable to manage his relationships without the stylings of his former companions.

Jupiter's positive influence continues to linger though, after the distraction of the youngsters ebbs away. A strong groundwork has been laid for carrying through on Saturn's plan.


These months can be a bit of a roller coaster, with the beginning and ending of each month being relatively quiet, and mid-month bringing a big stirring and shifting of energy. Mid-July sees the Saturn-Mars conjunction, which may be really bad new for those who get in its way. Mid-August brings a spurt of productivity, when lots of things seem to fall into place and everything works toward a clear goal. Mid-September finds lots of activity in both our relationships and our careers, which can produce some tensions, disconnects, and burn-outs.

When the dust clears, though, we find ourselves better prepared than before to organize our energies and achieve important goals to the benefit of ourselves and others.



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