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A new world is brewing in the cauldron of my mind. A place between the cold rock towers of the north and the burning deserts of the south, between the enchanted east and the shadowy west, between the rarified realms above the clouds and the deepest caverns beneath the earth.

Here, in Greenhall, some still carry the ancestry of the Time of Legends when giants, fey, gnomes, and spirits walked the broad lands of the world.

Here, in Greenhall, in the Time of Riches, some still practice the ancient arts: the Secret of Runes, the Secret of Tones, the Secret of Stars, and the Secret of Dreams.

The four lawgivers are now only memory. The world has changed; subtlety is more valued than truth, and what one owns matters more than what one knows.

Is there some old or new magic to rebind the world? Some old or new road leading from lands forgotten to lands not yet discovered? Some old or new voice to speak a silent word?



Look for a Greenhall short story in the next issue of Gems from Earth and Sky.

The Imaginarium is a regular feature of Starweaver's Gems from Earth and Sky

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