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zetrofol, the East City, stands on the slopes of the Mountains of Dawn that mark the eastern limit of the Greenhall. In ancient times, the location had been inhabited sporadically as a semi-permanent campsite for the nomadic herders who ranged over the eastern lands in those times, the gorge of the Loumu Vreźeiźo providing some shelter as well as fresh water. After the Santali Empire conquered the wilds in 1313, the site became an imperial camp, valuable for the view it offered of the country to the north and west. A watchtower (Ozetrotour) was built in 1340, which was expanded to a fortress in the following decades.

The fortress, although staffed and inhabited continuously, remained almost exclusively military in function until the late 1500s, when iron mines were opened in the mountains, and the fortress offered some level of protection and order for the craftsmen and traders who now had taken up residence in the area.

The imperial province known as the Kingdom of Aronizen was established in 1633, and the fortress and its surrounding settlements were assigned to the protection of the new king, despite its being extremely remote from the capital at Armazo. The name Ozetrofol was bestowed at this time, and the North and South Towers , overlooking the river gorge below the old tower, were constructed between 1640 and 1675.

During the waning of the Time of Empire, the military officers and king's retinue dwelt mostly in the Oldkeep district, while the craftsmen and merchants established themselves across the gorge in what would later be called Hightown. A wide bridge spanned the gorge, to allow the movement of troops of men.

With the coming of the Time of Riches, King Beślav developed an interest in the city, finding its remoteness a blessing when the politics of the capital wore on his nerves. He established a summer palace in Oldkeep, which drew an extended cadre of jurists, priests, and wealthy courtiers to the district. In the following years, Alleytown grew up at the foot of the old city, drawing dispossessed villagers, farmers, and herders from the surrounding countryside with hopes of urban success and fortune.

Beślav's successors took less personal interest in the city, leaving its governance in the hands of the Count of Lanceolano, whose court was in Verovośo. A close relative of the Count would usually reside in the Palaćo Beślav, serving as his surrogate. Disputes with the Vreźeiźeira to the north led to the contruction of the Shield Wall along the southern edge of Alleytown in 1784. Since that time, life in Ozetrofol has been relatively stable, with the rulers and their officials presiding in Oldkeep, minor aristocracy and wealthy merchants dwelling in Hightown, and the common laborers and traders living and working in the crowded streets of Alleytown.

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