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Valiel is an elven goddess created for my Daylands Dungeons and Dragons campaign.

Valiel, known as the Lady of the Seas, the Tidechanger, the Voice of the West Wind, the Queen of the Dolphins, the Stormturner, the Sailor's Chance, the Spirit of the Waves, and many other names, is one of the Children of Lethia. She is worshipped in the elven lands of Esselan, scattered across the western seas of the Daylands.

Valiel is a goddess of water, air, travel, luck, and chaos. With her, nothing remains the same for long. She is worshipped by those free in spirit, who value novelty more than comfort, and opportunity more than security. She turns the winds and tides at her own whim, and none understand her motives. Sailors make offerings to her (although they do not trust her), and travelers carry sea shells in their pockets as luck charms. Her priests and priestesses hold shells to their ears and listen for her whispered voice, seeking clues to the unfolding dance of fate.

Her sacred animal and holy symbol is the dolphin, but she loves all sea creatures, preferring them to land-dwelling animals, even the elves who worship her.

It is said that the spirit of Valiel resides ever in the deep waters, far from land, and that she does not speak with the other gods unless they seek her out in her own realm.

In art, she is sometimes depicted as an elven mermaid or selkie with blue or black hair, or as an elf maiden with her cloak billowing behind her like a sail.

Her followers do not adhere to a code of belief or behavior as such, but tradition has it that she looks with favor on those who

  • Do not settle in one place to long, but always seek new ways and new lands.
  • Fight slavery in all its guises and forms.
  • Respect the forces of nature, and defy those who seek to disturb or pervert the ways of nature

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