Welcome to the personal web site of Starweaver, Wiccan priest, tarot and astrology practitioner, and dabbler in the visual arts. This site is an expression of my own personality: sometimes focused, sometimes fanciful, always fluid. I hope you find this a place of beauty, wisdom, and warmth.

Enjoy the long dark nights, the snow, and the shroud of peace that winter offers. Come together with loved ones around the hearth.

Blessings, Tom




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Celestial Gossip for January, February, and March

My down-to-earth astrological look at the comings and goings of the planetary deities in the months ahead. See what energies will be flowing during the first months of 2009.

Now with astrological data.

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Tarot Wisdom: The Magician

The Tarot Wisdom series continues with my personal take on the meanings and uses of The Magician, that classic master of mind over matter.

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From the Hearth: Holiday Eggnog

This unapologetically decadent winter treat warms the spirit and seduces the palate. Proceed at your own risk.

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The Imaginarium: Greenhall Calendar

The intricacies of timekeeping using a year of seven seasons, where weeks are counted but days are not.

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