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n the last episode, we left Saturn retreating into solitude, and he now turns retrograde as well, leaving his concerns with productivity and careful planning nearly forgotten as we move into 2009.

Now the energy shifts from the pragmatic to the idealistic, as Jupiter leaves success-conscious Capricorn and steps starry-eyed into Aquarius, with Mercury at his side. Jupiter in Aquarius takes up the mantle of philosopher-poet, creatively (if somewhat long-windedly) painting his vision of a better world and what must change to bring it into being. Mercury is splendid as his publicist and commentator, although he sometimes carries on long after the point has been made. The first week or so of January finds these two buzzing with new ideas and plans for magnificent reforms. This flurry of inventiveness simmers down some after the 11th, when Mercury goes retrograde and becomes less loquacious, although he remains close to Jupiter for some time before slipping back into Capricorn. Jupiter, however, has plenty of time to create the brave new world of his dreams; he remains in Aquarius for the entire year and then some. By mid-January, the Sun joins the party, entering Aquarius on the 19th and being conjunct with Jupiter four days later. His presence gives some personal potency to Jupiter's new persona. Their optimism is infectious and engaging. Gloomy old Saturn, although aided by an ill-tempered Mars and glaring across the heavens at a decidedly dreamy and unfocused Venus, can't find much traction for his cynicism and pragmatism at this time. Jupiter and his companions have the spotlight, and they know it.

In February, things become more dynamic, as Mercury goes direct again and heads back toward Aquarius. Venus enters Aries and becomes bolder and more outgoing, if somewhat less natural as she flirts with assertiveness training. Mars loses interest in ineffectual Saturn and comes into Aquarius himself to join the party. Saturn is the only player left out of the dance now, as the great reforms and brilliant ideas of the Aquarian squad are stoked by passions both amorous and competitive. The energies peak just as the Sun moves into Pisces on the 18th. His departure mellows the excitement a bit, but doesn't much stop the flow of ideas or the ongoing magnamimity of Jupiter; Venus and Mercury remain his close allies as the month plays out.

March ushers in a welcome mellowing after Jupiter's flamboyant and energetic first act in Aquarius. Venus goes retrograde on the 6th, and both Mercury and Mars now follow the Sun into Pisces, leaving Jupiter without companionship for a time. Although the Sun resignedless accepts his stint as a moody introvert in Pisces, Mercury and Mars are less gracious about it, becoming grumbly, taciturn, and uncooperative. Saturn makes a half-hearted attempted to restore focus on the tasks at hand, but is rejected soundly, first by the Sun and then by Mercury, who are both off following the meandering paths of their strange moods and fancies. In the last week of the month, however, the languor gives way to a new cycle of excitement and activity, as the Sun and Mercury move into Aries, catching up with Venus. The three now enjoy renewed confidence, looking forwarding to aiding Jupiter in his unfinished business during April.

 * * *

This surge of Aquarian energy, dominated by Jupiter's powerful presence, coincides with the inauguration of a new president, who carries the hopes and ideals of many Americans on his shoulders as we step into a new future. Regardless of your own political persuasion, anticipation of meaningful change is in the air now, and you are being invited to tap into it. Take a fresh look at your own activities and plans and brighten them with novel approaches. Don't be shy about thinking outside the box and indulging your creative side.

Mercury's retrograde in January should be less problematic than most, with so much verbal energy at our disposal from the other Aquarian planets. A little extra caution to avoid misunderstanding should be sufficient.

Use the Piscean down time in March to reflect on your options. Step back from the intellectual approach to innovation and just get a sense of how your new ideas feel, how they sit with your spirit. Such introspection will be well reward after the equinox, when it will be "full speed ahead" with less opportunity for reflection. 



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