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n the last episode, Venus had plunged into Scorpio, leaving an uncomfortable Mars and a retrograde Mercury to fend for themselves in Libra, with Jupiter and Saturn looking on with some disdain.

A readjustment now takes place at the beginning of October. Venus is now aligned in the service of both Jupiter and Saturn, injecting some emotional passion into their workings. This is a mixed blessing, as Venus is not entirely happy with the heaviness of the feelings she's working with now, and it's a challenge for Saturn and Jupiter to find a role for her that doesn't imbalance their plans. The Sun and Mercury (still retrograde) come together in Libra now, too. Mercury, hopeful that his new alliance with the Sun will usher in a return of the easy glibness of September, is unfortunately too distracted now, and his attempts at diplomacy backfire, throwing a monkey wrench into Jupiter's brave new plans. Mars enters Scorpio now too, energized and ready to get to the bottom of things-perhaps a little too aggressively.

These alliances ebb away later in the month. Mercury goes direct on the 14th of October, only to find himself at cross-purposes with Jupiter once again a week or two later. By the end of the month, Mars has taken over Venus's former role as support staff for Jupiter and Saturn. He is somewhat more effective at it, funneling a lot of physical energy and passion into the works. Over the course of November, the Sun and Mercury move to join him, adding their own talents to the effort. The trio move into Sagittarius at the end of November, losing touch with the Jupiter and Saturn but eager to explore new frontiers as a team. Their drifting off task is somewhat compensated for by Venus coming into conjunction with Jupiter in Capricorn.

December finds the Sun, Mars, and Mercury collaboratively exploring the many exciting landscapes of Sagittarius. They've become free thinkers and explorers now, dabbling in the exotic and the spiritually innovative. These three are all the focus of attention now, with the Sun's sense of clear purpose, Mars's energy, and Mercury's delight in novel ideas making Sagittarius the place to be. This becomes an increasing annoyance to Saturn, who feels he now needs everyone on task to make progress.

Venus is on the move again, parting company with Jupiter by the middle of the month and moving on into Aqaurius, where she indulges some quirky esthetic preferences, apparently disconnected with anything else going on at this time. (She's actually paving the way for Jupiter's traversal of Aquarius next year.)

This become pretty disconnected generally as December progresses. The Jupiter-Saturn collaboration is fading into just the memory of a habit, and Mercury has pulled ahead into Capricorn, leaving the Sun and Mars feeling a little purposeless in Sagittarius. The last week of the month sees Mercury in his quintessential role as messenger of the gods, conversing first with Saturn and then with Jupiter, filling in some good ideas to bridge the gap left by the separating former partners. Saturn now sits in his office alone, having done his best to create good systems and work habits, which he hopes can carry on productively even without Jupiter's engagement in his efforts.

 * * *

The key to using October and November effectively is to cultivate a role for the intense, somewhat introspective Scorpio energies (which focus on Venus at the beginning of October, Mars at the end of that month, and then the Sun and Mercury in November). If your personal projects and career goals at this time have a personal, expressive character, then Scorpio's emotional force can be channeled into creative expression. If your projects are more utilitarian in nature, it may be difficult to use those energies in a helpful way.

During Mercury's retrograde this fall (September 23rd through October 14th), the best advice is "hold your tongue." It's a time when attempts at negotiation and collaboration may backfire, setting back progress on longer-term goals.

December offers an injection of new ideas and possibilities, perhaps through contact with unfamiliar cultures or ideas. This comes at the expense of following through on newly established routines, but has its own rewards. 



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