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In the last episode, we left Saturn somewhat thwarted in his plans to teach us how to manage time and obligations, his allies Mars and Mercury being much to moody and morose to be of much help. Encouraging news came at the end of December, though, when Jupiter, Sun, and Mercury ended their adventuresome jaunt in Sagittarius and moved into Capricorn, ready to take on a productive project or two.

Saturn, therefore, is changing his strategy. Being retrograde now, he is much less bossy and easier to get along with. He's taken to working less conspicuously, and being helpful more often than punitive. He's taken a position as bookkeeper for Jupiter's new and promising family business. Jupiter is a little sad to have left his traveling days behind (he's something of a jet-setting playboy at heart), but his coming home to roost is good news for the rest of us - at least to the extent that we may hope to manifest something stable and useful in the coming year. The Sun and Mercury are collaborating with him, lending a focus and attention to detail that might otherwise get lost in Jupiter's grand ambitions.

The three make a great team: Jupiter is the visionary, the positive-thinking leader with plenty of goals and even more confidence. The Sun is his able partner and associate, a great implementer and energetic worker. Mercury organizes the office, writes the proposals, and spreads the word. Saturn sits quietly in the back office with the financial records and lets the other three take the credit and believe it was their idea in the first place. This is a great time to lay the groundwork (or reinforce the infrastructure) of career and reputation. There will be many opportunities to build a solid platform for your undertakings in the months ahead.

Venus in Sagittarius feels a little left out at the beginning of January, still pining for that romantic get-away in some exotic locale. Her dreams run afowl of Saturn's sense of duty, however, and by the last week of the month she has seen the writing on the wall and joined "Jupiter, Inc." as graphic designer and image consultant. This work will not keep her attention forever, but at the moment, she's feeling involved and engaged, and the front office gets a much needed new look. This will be a good time to work on polishing the esthetics and presentation aspects of your endeavors.

At the end of January, Mercury goes retrograde (January 28 through February 18), so it's just as well to leave the detailed work and negotiations for later anyway. Mars in Gemini goes direct the next day, and is itching to find an argument or two to win for the sake of an ego boost. He sees himself as the skilled debater, finding just the right words to assert our ideals. The Sun in Aquarius is easily convinced to support his tactics, feeling a little caught up in mind games and perhaps a little insensitive about the nuances of relationships. February can bring out some verbal sparring, but as long as it doesn't get out of hand, Jupiter will keep the family business humming along and expanding, and no lasting harm will be done.

The last week of February sees the Sun and Saturn in opposition. The Sun has already lost interest in Jupiter's efforts and is becoming moody and dreamy in Pisces, annoyed by Saturn's insistence of attending to duty and detail. Saturn is telling us to do our taxes early this year, but the Sun thinks an evening in the hot tub sounds more appealing. Saturn doesn't press the point, though, knowing he'll have the last word either way.

Mercury, having come out of retrograde, develops an intimate relationship with Venus that begins late in February and continues all through March. The two become inseperable, and indeed make a delightful couple, witty, beautiful, and charming in every way. They enter Pisces together in the middle of March, and Venus becomes positively blissful as the two dream of fantasy worlds and meditate on the beauty of nature and poetry of life. Jupiter no longer has many assistants minding the store, but he is secretly pleased that he can afford to give the amorous pair an extended vacation. March will be a time when many of us feel drawn into art, intimate conversation, or communion with nature or spirit.

Saturn is no less happy about this than we was about the Sun's similar, though somewhat briefer, lapse into dreamland. Concerns about self-indulgence (with the obligatory inner debates) will arise in mid-March. The tension sorts itself out toward the end of the month, though, as Mercury and Venus remember their fondness for uncle Jupiter and start to pitch in again, vitalized with new creative juices from their protracted mingling.

March finds Mars back in Cancer, revisiting his old moodiness and frustrations. The verbal sparring is done with, but we're treated to some more inarticulate moodiness. His troubles are much less revelant this time, however, since Saturn has given up on him and is sedately working with Jupiter, who makes a much more effective partner.


Saturn's concern with our organizational skills and our ability to create and sustain a pattern of service to others remains the underlying theme in early 2008. It is an underlying theme now, though: much less in-your-face than it was at the end of 2007. The difference is that Jupiter is now at work boosting our pragmatic projects with new opportunities, a sense of optimism, and a good-humored appreciation for our need for rest and relaxation as well as hard work.

These months provide a valuable opportunity for creating success and building a good foundation for the future, particularly in career matters, but in other aspects of life as well. Taking advantage of this opportunity requires keeping a balance between diligent work and nurturing the emotions and imagination. A certain amount of "playing by the rules" is part of the picture, but it should comes naturally and not feel like a burden. If possible, work on organizational details in early to mid January, then polish and presentation in late January and early February. By March, your projects should be running along smoothly, allowing you to spend more time in communication with your spiritual, feeling side, and bring new insights into your work.


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