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Telperion Oasis is not a commercial garden; it is partly an effort to create a pleasing outdoor space, and partly a hybridizing garden. The first irises I acquired in 2010 were mostly chosen for sentimental reasons: I remembered enjoying them years ago, and wanted to see them again. After a couple months, however, my efforts to resist the bite of the hybridizing bug failed completely, and I acquired what species and other suitable plants I could as the planting season ended. Many more were acquired in 2011 and subsequent years. The pages below have many photos of the garden, as I started landscaping in earnest in 2010 and as the irises bloomed.

Beginning with 2018, I am no longer posting a bloom season page for each year. Instead, new photos are being incorporated into the galleries on the page for each fertile family.


 Tom Waters

April 2011

Updated April 2018


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